Volunteers are the heart of Success In Style!

Volunteers are the heart of our organization! We value the dedicated men and women who make our mission possible. In addition to rewarding service opportunities, we also provide incentives for participation including recognition for excellence, prizes and a free item from Charity’s Closet for each four hour shift worked for our volunteers.
  • No prior fashion experience necessary.
  • Adults and teen volunteers welcome.
  • One four-hour shift a week is optimal but not required.
  • SIS, Charity’s, Phil’s, Cherie Amour and First Picks are all open every day except Mondays.
  • Group Volunteer events available by appointment.
  • Volunteer opportunities are also available in Laurel and Woodstock.
  • To inquire about volunteer opportunities in the Savage or North Laurel locations please click the Volunteer Application link below to complete and submit our form.

Retail Volunteers

Retail volunteers assist customers in any of our three upscale resale shops in the Historic Savage Mill, and manage inventory for visual appeal and ease of customer shopping experience.

Inventory Volunteers

Inventory volunteers evaluate donated garments for suitability for our mission needs and resale locations. Among the required tasks are hanging, tagging and steaming items to be stored for client use or sale. Inventory volunteers are responsible for the organization of our garment storage, which keeps the workflow of Sis and its resale locations going.

Consultation Volunteers

All SiS clients receive a full fashion consultation, and consultants come into our organization through the volunteer portal. We require that individuals volunteer a minimum of 20 hours in other areas before allowing them to begin training and work directly with clients. This ensures that consultants understand the SIS mission fully and are well suited to working with our most important asset – our clients. We provide instruction and hands-on training to make the consultation process a fun and rewarding experience.

Junior Volunteers

Maryland students are required to provide a given number of community service hours. We are happy to have high-school-aged individual join our team of dedicated volunteers. Their fresh sense of style and boundless energy make them a fun and valuable contribution to the organization. We have a special application which includes parental permission and release of liability.
Arrange a one-time one-day event for colleages, classmates, family, and friends. Success-in-a-Day volunteers are arranged in 4-hour shifts for the sorting and organizing of our incoming clothing items for SiS inventory and boutique resale. All volunteers are entitled to a free item of closing from Charity’s or Phil’s Closet. Volunteers also receive a ‘service hours certificate’ for their time, which applies towards community service initiatives and taxable income.

Board Membership

Deborah Bennett, Chairperson

Margaret Regone, Treasurer

Mae A. Beale

Missy Burke

Karen Cropper

Christy Edwards

Patricia Francomacaro

Edna Hardy

Josie McCathorine, Secretary

Mary Warren

Sandy Welch

Success in Style is always looking for talented and motivated individuals to serve on our board of directors. Please contact any board member to learn more about this opportunity.

Volunteer opportunities are available at the following locations: