Monetary Donations

Success in Style welcomes your support for our mission! SiS accepts donations online through, or by mail at our Savage Mill location. Every dollar counts, and helps someone on the way to their new career.

Gift Card Donations

Giftcardgiving is a great way to put your unused gift cards to a good cause. If you have cards for venues you don’t regularly shop at, don’t let them collect dust! This is also a great way to donate online for those who don’t wish to use personal information.

Shop for Us

There’s a lot of items we have a regular need for at Success in Style. We keep a list of these items on Amazon for those who would like to help keep us in stock on these necessities. If you use Amazon Smile to make these purchases, it benefits SiS even more!

Amazon Smile

Make every purchase count. You can support Success in Style by using Amazon Smile for your online shopping, where a percentage of your regular purchases goes towards the charity of your choice.

Cars 4 Causes

Next time you purchase a new car, think of doing something valuable with the old one and receive a tax deduction for the full resale value. Cars4Causes will turn your used car into cash and forward the proceeds to Success In Style to support our mission.

Donation Tiers

Sock it to me!

$10 buys a six pack of men’s dress socks.


$25 buys 2 plus-sized bras.

All Buttoned Up!

$50 buys 2 crisp white shirts – an interview essential.


$100 buys 3 pairs of large and wide professional dress shoes.

Per-Suit of Happiness!

$250 buys 15 basic black plus-sized women’s pant suits.

Book It!

$500 buys 1 year’s worth of printing for the newly designed men and women’s style guide and interview booklet for each SiS consultation.

Build It and They Will Come!

$1000 will buy racks, shelving, and other fixtures for new satellite locations.

Custom Tailored!

Style your own level of generous giving – any amount helps!