Donate to SiS & our resale venues are accepted at our Savage Mill location (no appointment necessary!) Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 6, Sunday 11 to 6. At other time, please feel free use our 24/7 donation bin located outside the double doors/main entrance to Historic Savage Mill.  (*No need to box up your donations – we prefer bags. Please avoid hangers if possible!) Historic Savage Mill : New Weave Building, 8600 Foundry St., Savage, MD    Click here for Directions

Donations for Success in Style

New, Unused Items Dress Socks • Trouser Socks White T-Shirts • Briefs or Boxers All Cosmetics • Knee Hi’s Bras (Especially D/DD) Black/Brown/Tan/Beige Hosiery
Men’s Clothing: Two-Piece Business Suits White/Blue Dress Shirts Business Dress Shoes Men’s Accessories: Cuff Links • Watches Leather Wallets • Belts Professional Ties Computer Bags/Brief Cases
Women’s Clothing: Two-piece Business Suits Professional Blouses Business Dress Shoes Women’s Accessories: Scarfs • Bracelets • Watches Simple Classic Necklaces Earrings • Belts • Cosmetic Bags Professional Handbags

Donations for Resale Venues

Casual & Dressy Clothing Shoes • Belts • Ties • Hats Clips • Pins • Accessories
Casual & Dressy Clothing Purses • Shoes • Belts Scarves • Jewelry Unused Cosmetics
Bridal Gowns • Veils • Shoes • Jewelry • Tuxes • Evening Wear
For your dress donation, you will receive a tax receipt and a $20 gift certicate for Charity’s Closet. No cleaning is necessary – we make sure each dress is ready to wear before it’s displayed. Dresses may be delivered to our Historic Savage Mill location. For nonlocal donors, please mail* to: Success In Style, 8600 Foundry St., Box 2080, New Weave Building Savage, MD 20763 *IMPORTANT: If wedding gown is in a large bridal box, please remove, roll gown and replace in a smaller box or large mailer pouch.